About me

I graduated with a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the Cognition & Perception Program at New York University.

As a Term Assistant Professor at Barnard College, I research attention and visual perception in neurotypical and special populations.

I am passionate about teaching and mentorship.

My publications

Research Areas

visual perception


perceptual learning

eye movements




  • Department of Psychology, Barnard College, Columbia University

    Term Assistant Professor for "Statistics Lecture & Recitation", Spring 2022 & Summer 2021

    Term Assistant Professor for "Perception Lab", Fall 2020 & 2021

    Term Assistant Professor for "Introductory Laboratory in Experimental Psychology", Fall 2020 & 2021

  • Department of Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences, New York University

    Adjunct Professor for "Perception", Summer 2021

    Guest Lecturer for "Perception", Fall 2019

    Instructor for "Perception", Summer 2019

    Guest Lecturer for "Topics in Perception and Attention", Spring 2019

    Teaching Assistant for "Cognitive Neuroscience", Fall 2018

    Teaching Assistant for "Perception", Fall 2017

    Tutor for "Perception", Summer 2017

    Guest Lecturer for "How We See", Fall 2013, 2014, 2018, & 2019

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415N Milbank Hall
Psychology Department, Barnard College
New York, NY 10027